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Volume 3: From The Belly Of A Woman

Release Date:


Production Team:

Zadok Wartes (Producer, Second Engineer), Tara Ward (Producer), Joshua Sherman (Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer), Christopher Mael (Recording Engineer), Floyd Reitsma (Mastering Engineer), Joshua Longbrake (Photographer), Heather Stringer (Model), Colleen Barrows (Graphic Design)

Executive Producers:

Christopher Enstad, Kesler Woodward
1. For Unto Us A Child Is Born
Live recording. Adapted from Handel's "Messiah". Generous synths and layers in the style of Vengalis. No rushing about.

music: George Handel; arr. by Matt Chism, Tara Ward
lyric: George Handel
musicians: Ryan Davis (bass), Tara Ward (voice), Zadok Wartes (voice), Joel Eby (piano), Kay Lambert (cello), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Matt Chism (sampler, percussion)
time: 7:41

2. I Heard The Bells
Live recording. A dark text originally set to a rather bouyant melody. Early on "peace on earth, good will to men" found use as a chorus, but still left us lacking. Another common text from Julian of Norwich made sense as both the plaintive bridge and the final declaration. Add a bit of "Good Christian Men Rejoice" as reveille, mix.

music: Mark Mohrlang
lyric: Henry Longfellow, Julian of Norwich
musicians: Lacey Brown (drumkit), Mark Mohrlang (guitar, voice), Joel Eby (piano), Kay Lambert (cello), Zadok Wartes (voice), Tara Ward (voice, accordion), Ryan Davis (bass), Matt Chism (trumpet, percussion)
time: 6:25

3. Isaiah 35
Live recording. Improvised ambient piece putting all eight members to use. Tara manages to lead the group with this sublime vocal take, handily countered by Kay's cello work.

music: Joel Eby, Tara Ward, Mark Mohrlang, Kay Lambert, Matt Chism, Zadok Wartes
lyric: public domain
musicians: Kay Lambert (cello), Zadok Wartes (sampler), Tara Ward (voice), Joel Eby (synthesizer), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Matt Chism (sampler)
time: 4:52

4. Love Is Fear
Live recording. Inspired by Sigur Rós' dulcet "Svefn-g-englar". Surprisingly, the drums were the biggest challenge to making this piece work. Mark's sparse and angular guitar part was difficult to find as well; too much room in the wrong hands is all too easy to fill. Less was more. The interweaving vocals in the verses are some of our favorite. The lengthy ambient ending features Tara singing in tongues and was improvised that night. The idea that some expressions of love may actually induce fear and skepticism had been on the mind: "Some love overcomes, some brings fear".

music: Zadok Wartes
lyric: Zadok Wartes, Tara Ward
musicians: Tara Ward (voice), Zadok Wartes (voice), Lacey Brown (drumkit), Matt Chism (guitar, sampler), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Ryan Davis (bass), Kay Lambert (cello), Joel Eby (synthesizer)
time: 11:38

5. Everywhere Else
Live recording. Perhaps the most difficult song to bring into being, it began as a loud, Moog-based composition rooted on a reversed jalopy drum loop. Lyric and format and instrumentation went through a few dozen iterations, the chorus being the only reliable, original idea. This live version with its lilting bassline and trip-hop kit is drastically different than the studio, electronic version on Volume 4. Joshua's near-ace mix of this dynamic, massive, ball of metal is noteworthy. A favorite, but a bloody effort.

music: Zadok Wartes
lyric: Zadok Wartes
musicians: Joel Eby (synthesizer), Mark Mohrlang (guitar, voice), Zadok Wartes (voice, synthesizer), Matt Chism (sampler, synthesizer, percussion), Tara Ward (voice), Kay Lambert (cello), Ryan Davis (bass), Lacey Brown (drumkit)
time: 5:33

6. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Live recording. Radiohead's "There There" beat served as the root for this closing, corporate, anthem. Credit is due to the Late Tuesday version that was also arranged by Tara.

music: public domain arr. by Tara Ward
lyric: public domain
musicians: Live recording. Lacey Brown (drumkit), Kay Lambert (cello), Ryan Davis (bass), Mark Mohrlang (guitar), Joel Eby (synthesizer), Matt Chism (percussion), Zadok Wartes (voice, percussion), Tara Ward (voice)
time: 4:34

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