Volume 3 download instructions

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  1. Select Format & Download

    Filename: TheOpiateMass_Volume_3_mp3.zip

  2. unzip & add

    Unzip songs and add to your audio player program; album artwork and lyrics should import automatically.
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    If you'd like to stay abreast of when we release new material, when we perform, get early tickets and the occasional discount, become a Member here. Do know, we like to keep things simple; there is a frightful abundance of noise on the interweb.

  4. send a gift (members only)

    The following personalized link will give a friend a back door to download The Opiate Mass Sampler Album, eight song selections from our four albums.

  5. Audio Catalog

    Volume 4: Thou/Art
    Volume 3: From The Belly Of A Woman
    Volume 2: Albatross
    Volume 1: Make A Sound